Towards a Regional Cooperation Framework for Peace, Security & Development in the Red Sea & Gulf of Aden
(High-Level Roundtable - By Invitation Only)
Throughout history, the Red Sea served as one of the world’s cardinal maritime routes, and a source of shared prosperity for its littoral states. Today, the waterways connecting the Suez Canal and Bab-Al-Mandab are as vital as ever for the world economy.  Abundant with vast economic resources (hydrocarbons, mineral deposits, fisheries, etc.), the Red Sea remains an untapped source of wealth for its littoral states. Several challenges, however, stand in the way of tapping into this enormous potential. On one hand, the convergence of conflict, terrorism, piracy, trafficking, smuggling and other transnational threats is undermining peace, security and stability of Red Sea littoral states, both individually and collectively. On the other hand, the lack of a regional cooperation framework in the Red Sea continues to hamper further progress. This session will provide an opportunity for Red Sea littoral states and partners to develop a common understanding of opportunities and challenges to economic development, peace and security in the region, present concrete ideas and initiatives to achieve regional integration, and discuss modalities for cooperation with neighboring countries and partners that advance sustainable peace and development in the region and beyond.
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